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Cake designer in Toulouse

Caty Sweets cake designer
Caty Sweets

Hello, I'm Caty, graduated and qualified Cake designer.

From the height of my 31 years and with the support of my 3 children and my other half, I discovered an absolute passion for pastry, which raised the desire to create and work with the Design cakes and sweets offering personalized cakes for a unique moment.


I hope that this adventure will delight you. Definitely, my greatest reward is your smile when discovering your cake.

Caty Sweets

See you soon!


Caty Sweets

Personalized cakes and sweets for a unique moment!

cupcakes Caty Sweets

The flavors you prefer

Caty Sweets
  • Fresh, local products and seasonal fruits.

  • Gluten and lactose free, on request.

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